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Pete  2014.4.01 00.26

You are the Pete dePoe whose Cheyenne name is Last Walking Bear? Thanks for getting in touch. I'd love to hear your memories of playing in Redbone, especially at Redcar's Jazz Club when you came over to promote your record of The Witch Queen of New Orleans. Keep in touch.


Maxine 2012.3..2.11.57

Thanks for your comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed the Captain Cook book.  There was a book about the Redcar Jazz Club published a few years back and currently there are discussions on bringing out a new edition, expanded to include lots more photographs and information.  We'll all have to keep an eye out for that one!


Linepuncher 2011.20.05 01.15

A little bit of news for you. We've just completed a new edit on Scarborough Fair last week and I've now finished the proofing so the distribution process will be starting this week as soon as the conversions to the different formats have been done. In fact, I've already been told it's up on Mobipocket's website. It should begin appearing on the other major online retailer websites within the next week or two.


Linepuncher 2011.3.4 01:05

I was absolutely chuffed by Clive Cussler's comments after he read Scarborough Fair. He was very gracious. Clive financed an expedition back in the 1970s to try and find John Paul Jones' ship, the Bonhomme Richard, which sank near Scarborough after the battle so he knew a lot about the subject, which made his comments even more gratifying.

As far as publishing in eBook format, we are expecting it to be reissued within the next month or two. As soon as it's available I will be posting some sample pages, as I have with the westerns, so you can read the beginning and see if you like it. Keep an eye out!


David Wood 2011.02.16 00.45.

If you take a look at Amazon now, David, there are three titles up on Amazon in the Kindle store, and another two to come soon. Then on to the maritime books.


TOM 20.11.2010

Thanks for your comments, & all is very well, thank you.


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